Double Deception by Barbara Angela Kealy


A gripping crime thriller set in the copycat world of ‘Lookalikes’.

Second Edition out 24th September 2019 – order now and we’ll dispatch when it’s out!


A new chick-lit author has come onto the scene with her first book in the genre of Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper. The story revolves around Belinda, a Director of a Lookalike Agency, and the camp and exotic world she inhabits.

The author delves behind the scenes of the show business world of lookalikes and tribute acts, giving the reader an in-depth perspective of their lives and glamorous jobs, combined with a host of intriguing characters, the Mafia, a powerful love theme throughout, and many twists and turns along the way. This gripping, sometimes comedic book, is perfect for anytime reading.

Written in a visual style, one can see it would translate into an exciting film blending real movie stars with their doubles, in a fascinating story.

Barbara is a passionate storyteller and throughout her life people have often told her she should write a book to capture all her entertaining stories and fascinating experiences. At long last, she has now accomplished this. She lives in London.  

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