Fractal by Ivor Bundell


An Inspector Erasmus Mystery – When Spies Cross the Line.



“Everything seemed to flow in slow-motion. She moved with alarming speed. She watched herself as she lurched forward and pushed Charles over the parapet.  He tumbled like a rag doll into the swift and muddy waters of the Thames, screaming soundlessly, as dark as a butterfly, as heavy as a feather.”

In an age of rising populism, growing social unrest, and insecurity across Europe, an undercover MI5 eco-warrior turns terrorist. Pursued by the tenacious Inspector Erasmus, they engage in an existential battle of wits with each other, and with an unknown power. The action moves between London, Edinburgh, East Africa, Switzerland and the USA at a breakneck pace.

Already known as a singer-songwriter, poet and performer, Ivor has finally, like Bob Dylan before him, gone eclectic – except that this time it’s not musical apostasy but a commercial conversion – or so he hopes. This is his second novel, but is being published before the first, as befitting the Zeitgeist.





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