Unfinished Business by Jerry Bradley


If you had the chance to live again, what would you do?


A dramatic novel from Jerry Bradley. If you had the chance to live again, what would you do?

New Year’s Eve and the countdown has started. ‘Unfinished Business’ tells the story of a 15-year-old boy, Thomas Drake, who has been given a second chance to live.

He unravels the plot that points him towards the job he has been sent back to do. A chance to save a life and put things right.

The pressure is mounting, overlooking the Thames, on New Year’s Eve. He takes a massive gamble and puts himself in the firing line.

“I am changing my plan,” said Tom. “I hope it works.”

The crowd starts chanting. Ten, nine, eight, seven. Sweat forms on Tom’s brow. He takes aim. Three, two, o… As Big Ben strikes midnight, Tom fires as the first rockets shoot up. The prime minister goes down. His bodyguards dive to shield the lifeless body.

It is safe to say Jerry Bradley has a degree in life! He has worked in a range of jobs: building racing cars, welding, bricklaying in Europe, market trading and as a locksmith.

In 2012, his wife of 29 years became ill and he became her full time carer. This was when he discovered a passion for writing. His wife, Irene, lost her battle with Dementia in 2015.

Jerry now lives in West Sussex and is the proud Dad of two daughters, Amanda and Hannah. He does his best writing late at night and sometimes into the small hours, but still finds time for martial arts, keep fit, golf and most of all, having fun!

Jerry is also the author of The Candy Man.

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