A Stroke of Luck by Chris Bennett


A stroke patient’s recovery from a CVA (Cerebrovascular Accident), and her advice to others


“The stroke I am referring to in this book is a CVA (Cerebrovascular Accident). In my case, it was a blockage in the central lobe with a banging headache, dizziness and then the whole left side losing feeling. Not nice! I realised this was life threatening when my consultant turned to my husband and said, “We need to act quickly; time is not on her side.” My husband’s response was, “Don’t stand there, get on with it!” If he hadn’t, my life now would be very different.

“My concentration levels were not good at first. I knew I needed to keep my brain active: I did not want to lose my mind, memory etc. However, with the help, love and support of others (and two years on), I can now share my thoughts on this experience. Who knows? It may help others to cope.

“Through this book, I am going to share my deepest darkest days, and explain to you why I feel lucky.”

Chris Bennett is a former teacher and now volunteers as a Stroke Ambassador to help others.

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