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Kick Start your Life! by Grand Master Ewan C. Briscoe


Take control of your life and achieving your passion and purpose

Out on 2nd October – order now and we’ll dispatch when it’s out!


Ewan’s book is for you if….

  • You are looking for your path in life, or have come to a barrier and wonder how to climb over it;
  • You are facing challenges, whether in your personal or working life, and feel in need of inspiration;
  • You’re a professional who wants to take your career to the next level;
  • You are a teacher or trainer, looking for ways to help and inspire your students;
  • and You are asking yourself what your purpose in life really is.

It might be a big birthday, becoming a parent or facing a health scare; you might feel frightened about the future or experience regret for the past. Times of reflection and evaluation are creative and exciting as well as challenging, and you can rise to them with energy and renewed enthusiasm for what still lies ahead. Wherever you are right now, and whatever challenges you face, this book can help you find your purpose and focus on the goals you want to achieve in the future. Get ready to kick start your life!

Nine times British Taekwondo champion, member of the 1987 European Championship winning taekwondo team, three times winner of the Combat Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award, trainer of TV gladiators Cobra and Panther and founder of the Panther Taekwondo Academy…. there’s no doubt Ewan Briscoe’s a fighter. He’s learned some hard lessons – and applied those lessons to life outside martial arts. He’s taken the focus and discipline of a fighter into the fields of business and education, as a trainer and mentor of young people and a motivational speaker. He has also dedicated a lot of his time to the advancement of young children in his community, for which he has been awarded the Metropolitan Police Commendation Award. His services have also been sought after for self-defence courses, security personnel training, and by sports and TV celebrities for personal tuition. The Metropolitan Police is looking into using his expertise to redirect young offenders toward a positive lifestyle teaching them to be masters of themselves – not victims of circumstances. Ewan is a taekwondo grand master, a successful businessman, a skilful mentor and a respected community leader. And to get to where he is today, along with the challenges and responsibilities of founding, growing and running a successful business, he’s faced personal challenges and also confronted racism and prejudice. Ewan now puts what he’s learned into action in his work with clients of all ages, from young people looking for their path in life, businessmen and women who want to achieve in the workplace and many who are looking for the sense of personal direction and purpose which the martial arts can bring. Ewan’s mission today is to use the power of Panther Taekwondo to help people of all ages to develop the inner and outer strengths and skills they will need to face the challenges of the modern world and make a success of their lives.

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