The Inspired Diabetic by Lyndon Wissart


The chef with the recipe to cure type 2 diabetes


Through healthy eating and regular exercise, diabetic professional chef Lyndon Wissart managed to reverse, control and cure his type 2 diabetes in 105 days, naturally without medication.

This book shares his journey for the first time. Read his secret and discover yours. It could be a life-changing experience for you and your family, colleagues and friends.

Lyndon is an inspiration for the more than 4.5 million diabetics in the UK alone and the 850,000 diabetics who are undiagnosed worldwide.

Lyndon is now on a mission to share what he has learned and give hope to people who believe they have few choices. He founded Lynspiration, as a self help group to share information and encouragement and has also embarked on a programme of public speaking and events to share his philosophies and knowledge.

Lyndon Wissart is a professional British chef with more than 30 years’ experience in all types of establishments, tasting and eating of all types of food. He has worked in many high-profile hotels and restaurants throughout London, including: the Savoy Hotel; Hamleys Toy Store; Cafe Royale; the Mount Royal Hotel; as well as catering for major indoor and outdoor events including: Wimbledon Championships; FNC Catering; BBC Centre; Gardner Merchant Catering; Royal Festival Hall; Spielsinger & Abrahams in North London; Inner London Crown Court; Collett Dickenson & Pearce; Lloyds Bank International; Wembley Stadium; Shelburne Hospital in High Wycombe; the Reform Club London; Adams Park; Eurest Corporate, a part of the Compass Group; Heathrow Airport Ltd; and the Farnborough Air Show.

In a freelance capacity, he has also worked with: James Zimmer Caterers; Jason Millan; Carole Sobell; Neil Samuels Ambassador Catering; Skye Cooks; Last Supper Ltd; Zafferano; Absolute Taste; Favour Catering; Celia Clyne; Capital Cooking; and Creme de la Creme.

He lives with his wife and youngest daughter, with his grown-up son and two daughters close by. Lyndon grew up in London and loves reading, playing tennis, travelling, films, music, football, cycling, skiing and playing the drums.

You can follow Lyndon’s progress on his website,

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