Wholly Aligned, Wholly Alive by Ciara Jean Roberts


An insightful and positive book following Ciara’s profound personal journey of lived experience navigating kidney failure, in childhood and adulthood, and how she has taken responsibility for her own healing.



The state of medicine today has its challenges. If you’re suffering from ill health, and you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed, there is a path for you to become wholly aligned if you’re willing to take responsibility for your healing.

In this insightful book, nutritionist and yoga teacher Ciara Jean Roberts shows us the path to happiness and healing through her personal journey of dealing with a lifelong kidney condition charting from childhood to teenage dialysis to transplantation and beyond. She shows us:

  • How to heal, with simple steps to help you take charge of your own medical condition and wellness
  • The pivotal role of yoga and nutrition on your healing journey
  • How to find joy in your healing through the tools that truly resonate with you
  • Ensure that your Wellbeing Fund is balanced and able to face whatever physical or mental challenges you face

When we each awaken our inner physician, everyone wins. Ourselves first and foremost, our family and friends too, as we are in a better place and, of course, our health systems and environment. Because we are truly awake to our human experience.

Ciara is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, 500 hour Yoga Teacher, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. She founded her passion, Wholly Aligned, a purpose driven business set up to help others through the wisdom of yoga, nutrition and self enquiry, in 2013, after stepping away from a hectic and successful career in private banking. Ciara has written and featured in a number of publications, including Yoga Magazine, Journal of Kidney Care, About Time, Top Sante, and has been a guest on the Spotlight Show, UK Health Radio.



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