Living Proof by Michael Ayers


A true love story uninterrupted by death


Occasionally in life we come across something that is different and quite exceptional. Living Proof comes in that category.

It is not often that a mature male opens his heart and mind to the world in order that other people can feel and follow the traumas he has gone through seeing his wife die.

The difference in this book is the way Michael Ayers’ wife, Libby, has been able to reach back to him from the Spirit World in order to help him overcome the depression following her death and to develop his own spiritual gifts that serve to guide and comfort others.

Michael Ayers has the openness to talk about life after death and direct communication with the dead. This is something few people will admit to, but some experience and many hope will occur when their loved ones depart this Earth.

Michael Ayers is a retired agronomist who was born in Chislehurst, Kent in 1940. He was educated at Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, England and later studied fruit growing and beekeeping. He worked at East Malling Research Station and later for Ciba Laboratories Ltd and Rank, Hovis, McDougall. His first marriage was dissolved in 1982 and most of what he reports in this book relates to the period during and after his second marriage to Elizabeth (Libby) Saunders from 1985 until her death in 1999.

It was nearly two years before he met spiritual healer and clairvoyant Jenny Eales whom he married in March 2002. During that intervening period Michael was supported and guided by the spiritual presence of his former wife as he progressed through dejection and despair before becoming spiritually enlightened with the development of his own healing gifts channelled by his spirit guides.  


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