The Rule Breaker’s Guide to Step Up & Stand Out by Georgia Varjas


A Manifesto for Rebels.


The Rule Breaker’s Guide to Step Up & Stand Out is a call to arms for women – and men – to step up, stand out and break the rules restricting their full potential in life, work, relationships, health and happiness.

A passionate, authoritative, motivational manual, this provocative book is part-polemic, part-memoir, and showcases how to take back control (in style!) of your own life, your career, your relationships, your health and your future. The ultimate ‘Rule Breaker’, Georgia Varjas provides real-talk in the form of personal anecdotes and razor-sharp observations on topics including sexism, elitism, authenticity and performance; from childhood, into womanhood, through the glitz of the showbusiness world, and now as a self-assured speaker, writer and performer, content in her own skin.

The Rule Breaker’s Guide to Step Up & Stand Out offers inspirational ideas and witty insights into what stops us from reaching our full potential – and how we can smash down the barriers, step up from the shadows, stand out from the crowd, and release our full potential to create the life we want and deserve.

Georgia Varjas is a multi-skilled artist, born in North London who now lives in Spain. She has worked as a saxophonist, playwright, performance poet, author, blogger and speaker. She has won Poetry Slam Contests in the UK & the US.

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