Unleash your Inner Power by Satwinder Sagoo


Become a Conquering Hero…


Satwinder Sagoo is a Mindset Master, a motivational speaker and a huge ball of positive energy! He is also a lifetime practitioner in martial arts with black belts in Karate and Jujitsu.

His journey has been about overcoming adversity and finding the inner strength to conquer what life has thrown at him. He is now on a mission to help you discover your inner power and to do the same!

Life can be your best friend or mercilessly leave you behind if you stay down for too long, it is all dependent on you…do you GIVE UP or do you GET UP?

Satwinder Sagoo is a huge ball of positive energy, projecting hope against the odds and encouraging others to overcome the odds to achieve greatness.

A network marketing leader who empowers others to discover themselves and achieve their dreams, he is also a social media motivational coach who regularly blogs on timelines to instill belief on others that they too can rise up to the hardships of life and achieve happiness.

A martial artist of nearly 30 years, Satwinder holds a black belt in Karate, a black belt in Jujitsu and is currently studying Xtreme Martial Arts, which involves fearlessly executing martial arts techniques merged with acrobatics and gymnastics. From this, he has built a consistent level of discipline in hard work and productivity to see projects through and achieve great success, even from the jaws of failure.

Satwinder’s message to the world is simple…you don’t have to have a huge profile to achieve great things in life, you just need belief and the determination to have what you want and also the courage to endure life’s greatest hardships to see it fully though.

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