Voices of Hope by Brenda Dempsey


True stories – Change lives


Voices of Hope brings you inspirational and heart-warming stories from women around the globe who found themselves in impossible, negative or dangerous situations, but managed to summon up the courage and strength to raise themselves up and escape.

Many of them were trapped, overwhelmed and fearful in their lives, feeling hopeless and alone. They turned their adversity into a purpose that drives them to rise and roar, ready to make a difference. From their adversity, they found a purpose.

Inspired by their stories, you too can make a dramatic change to your life by simply making one tiny choice.

Listening to that spark of hope within us all ignites a passion that can no longer be ignored and you dare to take the next step.

Voices of Hope is the second book in the ‘Voices of’ Series. Following the success of Voices of Courage, Brenda Dempsey’s vision of bringing extraordinary women in business together continues as she shares their stories in an inspirational book of strength, transformation and hope.

Brenda’s co-authors are: Selina Boshorin, Hannah Ingram, Johanna Burkhardt, Phyllis Marlene Benstein, Cathlene Miner, Willow Sterrick, Louise Matson, Paula Jarek, Caroline Emile, Charlotte Fitzgerald, Sue Ritchie, Judy Feldhausen, Jane Scanlan, Carol Wachniak, Tiffany Hinton, Mira Warszawski, Trina Kavanagh-Thomas, Emma Greenslade, AV, Janet Groom, Fiona Clark, Indira Kennedy, Leah Adhiambo Ochieng, Joyce Osei, Juvee Perez, Tarusha Mittal, Jaswinder Challi, Menaca Pothalingam, Kia Bing-Davies, and Regina Windsor.

Brenda Dempsey is the author of the new book Voices of Hope, and is herself a survivor of domestic abuse and homelessness. She is on a mission to help give voice to other courageous women who have either been victims or have demonstrated exceptional qualities by overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.

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