Capitalism in Crisis (Vol 2) by Charles Hampden-Turner, Linda O’Riordan, Fons Trompenaars


Capitalism in Crisis is the combined insights of three of the world’s top analytical brains who have been guiding businesses and governments in their quest to find answers and shape strategy. 


There are two volumes to Capitalism in Crisis. Volume 1 investigates what has gone wrong. Volume 2 responds to the challenge laid down in Volume 1.

In Volume 1, we argued that shareholders and the financial sector of the economy had become severed from stakeholders within companies who do the work and create the wealth we all enjoy. This has led to gross inequality with declining rewards for those working in the real economy on productive tasks. In turn, this has reduced wages and diverted funds from the most important contributors. We are less productive and innovative as a consequence.

In this volume, we will address the subject of values. We will argue that values have scientific and verifiable meanings and it is possible to determine with great accuracy the kind of valuing that contributes to our integrity and the values that tear us apart. We criticise the contention of positivists that values are entirely subjective, have no testable meaning and are mere matters of taste, like the taste buds on tongues. We believe this doctrine has betrayed generations of students and must come to an end. Once we have restored values to their proper place, we will see who in our society creates wealth and value and who does not, who threatens democracy and who supports it. All values are really differences, and we need to reconcile these differences to remain civilized and in dialogue with one another.

Charles Hampden-Turner is the author of twenty-two books, eight with co-author Fons Trompenaars, and their books have been translated into many languages. In 1984, Charles Hampden-Turner founded Trompenaars Hampden-Turner, the cross-cultural consulting company with Fons.

Professor Fons Trompennars is an organisational theorist, management consultant and bestselling author, well-known for his seven-dimensional model of national business culture. His book ‘Riding the Waves of Culture’ (written with Hampden-Turner) has sold one third of a million copies.

Professor Linda O’Riordan is an expert in stakeholder management and responsible entrepreneurship. Her work has appeared in internationally renowned research publications and she is the author, editor and reviewer of various academic books and peer-reviewed journals.



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