Acting on Television by Colin Bennett


A Craft Book for Screen Actors


Colin Bennett trained at RADA and was for many years a successful actor. He is still known in the UK as Mr Bennett, the comedy caretaker for the famous artist Tony Hart is Hart Beat and Take Hart. He is very well known in America by his sister who lives in Florida. He also created Vince Purity, the host of the most hated and highly rated quiz/talent show on the BBC, You Should Be So Lucky.

He was Zarquon in The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Some of his well-known commericals include the Yellow Pages advert as the father in the attic with the train set, and his other famous father found a pregnancy testing kit… They may be Trouble Ahead.

Most of his early career was in the theatre, with hundreds of credits, but his most notable role being Billy Flynn in the original West End production of Chicago in 1980!

He then turned to writing…Hancock’s Finest Hour toured the UK and then went into the West End. He adapted The Point for Harry Knillson, and Treasure Island for The Mermaid.

His television writing includes Tricky Business, Captain Zep, You Should Be So Lucky, and, with his co-writer, Colin Prockter, Luna, featuring Patsy Kensit.

He is now a TV producer, his latest venture being Shoot the Writers! This 14 hours of ITV1 comedy sketch show features the talents of more than 400 comedy writers and 44 actors. He regularly teaches advanced short courses on Acting and Working in Television for RADA.

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