Begging for it by Rosamund Walters


The natural way to feed your dog


Your dog should not be fed on food that comes from a packet or a tin, as prepared dog foods are often of poor quality and often have been cooked at such high temperatures that the enzymes have been destroyed.

Many owners are gradually beginning to appreciate that the way they feed their dog is as important as the way they feed their family. It is considered sensible to give the family, especially children, fresh meat, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables and provide a supplement if considered to be necessary. Although there are some differences in the foods dogs require, and the way they are prepared, it is possible to feed the family pet in a similar and sensible way. Dogs do not have to eat manufactured foods – in the wild, they survived without them.

Rosamund Walters spent her life believing in the natural way to feed dogs for a better life and happiness. She did not support chemical and unnatural foods which many dogs are fed today, believing the natural way is the best way for a dog to live a healthy and happy life, with the added benefit to the owner of the reduction of vets’ bills due to fewer illnesses.

Rosamund was born in London and brought up in the country where she lived most of her life. She was educated at Sherborne and on leaving school began training to become a physiotherapist. She soon realised it was not a career she wished to follow and after a year she left London to return to the country to take up other interests.

Forty years ago, dogs could roam through the countryside scavenging and generally eating food that they had eaten for centuries. Rosamund soon realised that she had three very healthy dogs that never went to the vet and she gradually began to realise that the food they were eating was the reason why they were so healthy.

Rosamund decided to look further into nutrition and discover why so many dogs were suffering with so many ailments and diseases. She took an advanced diploma in canine nutrition and passed out with top grades. That was the start of a new career which she hoped would enable her to help dogs that seemed to have so many health problems.

All of her work is based on feeding dogs naturally. That means feeding them raw food that is organic or free range: chicken wings, marrow bones with some meat left on the bone, chunky raw meat, organ meats, fish, eggs, pulverised vegetables. Vitamin, minerals and essential fatty acids can be added to the diet when thought necessary.

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