How To Make Gospel Music Work For You by Roy N Francis


A Guide for Gospel Music Makers and Marketers



How to make Gospel Music work for you is an informative and authoritative guide to gospel music in Britain today. In this engaging and readable book, Roy shows how the music, which began in the West Indian Churches started by the Windrush Generation in the 1950s and 60s, rose to become the gospel music we know and love in Britain today.

Drawing on his many years’ experience of working in gospel music, Roy uses his vast inside knowledge to share in a few easy steps how gospel artists can make an album, market and promote it, write the songs, get the music into churches, get it heard on radio and television and how by using social media, gospel artists can successfully grow and develop their music. Roy supports this assertion by offering a wide range of advice, no nonsense tips, and suggestions, to help gospel artists who are trying to make a success of their music.

This book is for you if:

  • You are interested in the history of Gospel music and want to know more about it
  • You are starting out with your music and need help
  • You want to know how to succeed with your music
  • You want to know how the UK Gospel music scene works
  • You are already a Gospel music artist but is struggling with your music

Roy Francis has been involved in Gospel music from a young age and would in the early years accompany his father, a pioneer of the Black Pentecostal movement in Britain, playing the piano at all the church services. His talent drew the attention of other church leaders and soon he was in demand to play at their services. Roy went on to become a teacher, an Award-Winning television producer, concert promoter, and consultant. He was the producer of Channel ground-breaking gospel music series, ‘People Get Ready’, producer of BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ and the highly successful multi-million selling ‘Donnie McClurkin Live in London’ concert and DVD. Today he spends his time as agent and mentor, working with leading as well as unknown gospel artists.

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