The Handbook for 21st Century Mums and Dads by Felicity Evans


This book shares what works for children today.


Do you spend more time happy or stressed with your kid?

Being a mum or dad today is very different from previous generations. Children’s lives have changed. Their world is full of opportunity yet many may struggle with some aspects of everyday life. Having a stressed or unhappy child is stressful.

Let’s lessen this stress and increase the fun and joy of being a mum or dad, as you enable your kid to thrive.

Children can show stress in a variety of ways. They may be uncooperative, tired or irritable. Perhaps they don’t fit in with family expectations or school goals. Some might experience anxiety, have frequent meltdowns or need constant attention. Many children call their stress ‘heartache’ and it takes away their happiness.

This handbook can make life easier and more loving in 6 Steps: Understanding, Nurturing, Loving, Communicating, Resolving, Playing

If we offer them innovative ways to decrease stress, kids can reveal their: Kindness, Confidence, Intelligence, Love, Enthusiasm, Passions, Insights, Joy

After 30 years of exploring the links between health, learning and behaviour, in schools and with families, Felicity noted a surge of children in modern life who are not thriving in school or at home. To counteract this worrying trend, in 2000, she set up a unique centre for small groups of children and young people, to use her knowledge and find further solutions. The results astounded her and many parents. This book shares what works for children today.  

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