The Coupledom Trap by Tal Araim


The Coupledom Trap explains how you can build a happy home full of honesty and laughter


The Coupledom Trap explains how you can build a happy home full of honesty and laughter, rather than a stressful life full of false pretence and worry.

  • Does your relationship make your life fun?
  • If you and your partner read each other’s minds, would you be pleasantly surprised?
  • Is it realistic to expect love to last?
  • Can we make the majority of children witness playful, loving parents?

Love is the only reason why people should get together, stay together, and far more importantly, have children together. The Coupledom Trap explores relationships from their inception, and offers radical methods for regularly and honestly assessing the true levels of love and commitment. It’s Time To Live Better.

Tal Araim was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1966. His family moved to London in 1980 where he still lives.

In 1988, he graduated from Imperial College with a degree in Computing Science and pursued a career in catering, eventually running his own Hawaiian restaurant for 20 years.

This experience led to his interest in observing people’s interactions with each other and to study human behaviour and psychology. His scientific background gave him the tools to analyse and formulate the data that he collected.

After 30 years, which included many relationships, a marriage, two children, an affair, a near divorce, clinical depression, drugs, alcohol, therapy, recovery, and research, Tal channelled his experiences and knowledge into giving seminars, taking part in countless debates and, finally, in writing this book.

You can get in touch with Tal via his website, Compass4Couples, the UK’s first relationship centre offering relationship MOTs to all couples.

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