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Time to prepare for the end of Lockdown!

Are you ready?

Asks Chris Day of Filament Publishing

During Lockdown we have all been frozen in time for far too long, but as the fightback against Covid is producing some successes the end of Lockdown might soon be in sight.  As an author, what can you do now to make up for the lost time and to regain your momentum?

At Filament, we are embarking on a big marketing push help our authors to re-launch their books for the summer. We are inviting all of our authors to book a Marketing Zoom call to create a new marketing strategy to raise profile, awareness and sales in the months ahead.

Spring is upon us and Summer is just around the corner. We are moving towards peak-time for reading. What we all need right now is a plan of action that takes into account the new dynamics in the marketplace. Don’t forget that, with the new normal, what we did in the past might no longer be effective.

Over the past months, many things have changed for all of us but one thing has not changed, is the need that people have for good books to help them with their lives. Despite bookshops being closed, people have been buying more books than ever before but from different places and in different formats. Audiobooks have seen a big leap in popularity for example. During Lockdown people turned to books for entertainment; to enjoy a good story; for inspiration; for wisdom and to help them to navigate their way through life and also to learn new skills. That demand has not gone away because of Lockdown.

The question is, what are you going to do to meet the demand?

Now is the time to Spring Clean your author business. Out with the old and on with the new. Here are Ten Top Tips.

  1. Time to do a digital audit! This is where you realise that you have forgotten to update your blog for six months and the latest news on your website refers to 2019! It is time to do a search for how you appear online as if you were a customer, and make sure that what you see is up to date and supports your current offerings. 
  1. Create some momentum! We have all got too used to sitting on our couches watching daytime television. If you can hum the theme to Bargain Hunt, then you have been inside far too long! Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and to take some action to re-engage with your followers. They are hungry for inspiration, ideas and leadership so Increase the frequency of your blogs and newsletters. Demonstrate that you care about them by sharing insights about what you are thinking and what advice you have for them. 
  1. What has changed? They are saying that in the past year we have had ten year’s worth of change condensed into just twelve months. To continue to do what you were doing beforehand and expecting the same results that you used to enjoy, may not be the best of plans. Some businesses have completely reinvented themselves and found new customers and opportunities as a result.  What can you do to make your offering more relevant and topical? 
  1. Spring Promotions. Everyone loves a special offer or a Sale. Book buyers are no exception. Use all the tools that Amazon Kindle Direct offers to you do special offers. You could offer your eBook free of charge for a week. This always generates interest. Many people will ‘road test’ a book on Kindle before investing in the printed version, so the chances are that this will boost your paperback sales. 
  1. Bookshops in Lockdown. Bookshops have had it very hard. No sooner do they receive all of their Christmas stock than they were forced to close. They will be looking for ways of getting customers back in the doors once lockdown ends. Why not approach your local bookshop and offer a book-signing session or instore event? 
  1. Create Conversations If you have allowed your social media activity to slow down over Lockdown, now is the time to make some noise.  Social media is a two-way street, not a megaphone! People love to take part in a conversation, share their thoughts and ask questions.  The more you know about your readers and what interests them, the more you can supply that need.  Currently, live events are not possible and neither can we mix and mingle like we used to.  You need to give people the opportunity to engage and share what is on their mind. Zoom is fast becoming the place tat this happens. 
  1. Live Video  There is nothing more powerful than a live video for attracting attention.  These days it is as easy as pointing your phone at your face and talking. Facebook Live is probably the most popular platform for this right now and where you can be easily found.      
  1. The most important question to ask yourself. What am I going to do today to reach more people or to engage with my followers. You cannot let one day go past with doing something to increase your business. 
  1. How do you know how well you are doing? They say that you can’t manage what you do not measure. So what can you measure? On your website, you can measure the number of unique visits you are getting each month. Is the number going up, going down or has flatlined?  You need to know! What about your followers on each of your channels?  Or the number of Likes you are getting? How many actually open your newsletter – as distinct to the number of people you are sending it to? What could you do to increase that number? How many books did you sell last month? Did your author business make a profit?   Set aside one day each month to measure all of these and keep a written note month by month. Only then can you know what you need to really focus on to make sure your business is going in the right direction. 
  1. Work harder on yourself than you do on your business! Our author or speaker business is a reflection of ourselves and our mindset.  We become what we think about the most.  If you are focussed on negative things or what is lacking in your life, you can be sure you will attract more of it!   The way we think determines what we do, and the results we achieve. Remember, it is never the problem that is the problem but what we think about the problem, that is the problem. Give yourself a check-up from the neck up 

If you feel caught in the headlights and don’t know what way to go, you are probably not alone.   If you would like to book a clarity call on Zoom or to take part in one of our group calls, then email me at