The Candyman by Jerry Bradley ISBN 978-912635-54-2

From concrete jungle to king of the world There is a price to be paid for everything.

The Candy Man tells the adventures of James Blake, from a six-year-old adoptee to a 30-something full-blown drug dealer, Triad gang leader and martial arts expert.

We follow James through his early life, discovering his deep-rooted anger at the father who abandoned him and his developing interest and expertise in boxing and martial arts. His life with his adoptive family, as it slips into decline, and his own gradual slide into a criminal lifestyle.

His adult adventures begin when an old market trader gives him a stall. James has a plan – to replace the cheap sweets sold on the stall with excellent hand-made and premium products, some concealing extra and highly illegal ingredients. That leads him into direct conflict with his local gangland element and lets him prove his mettle in that violent and deadly world.


It is safe to say Jerry Bradley has a degree in life! He has worked in a range of jobs: building racing cars, welding, bricklaying in Europe, market trading and as a locksmith.
In 2012 his wife of 29 years became ill and he became her full time carer. This was when he discovered a passion for writing. His wife, Irene, lost her battle with Dementia in 2015.
Jerry now lives in West Sussex and is the proud Dad of two daughters’, Amanda & Hannah.
He does his best writing late at night and sometimes into the small hours but still finds time for martial arts, keep fit, golf and most of all having fun!