This series of travel guides is for anyone considering a trip abroad an who want to add a new dimension to their holiday. Buying gemstones or jewellery on holiday is a wonderful memento of a trip. But how do you know if you gatting good value or worse, if you are buying a fake? Written by Kim Rix, a gemmologist (GIA) and professional photographer who has travelled to more than 50 countries, this unique book unveils how you can become a ‘Gemstone Detective’ on your next adventure.

Each country has its own unique gems waiting to be discovered. So far Kim has written guides to Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia and America. She has also written an all encompassing book on buying gems worldwide.

If you are considering purchasing a gemstone or piece of jewellery, this book is essential reading on the plane. It is a mine of expert advice, insider information and practical tips to help you better understand the gemstone and jewellery market. As well as offering country-specific background and up-to-the-minute advice, The Gemstone Detective series, is a ‘how to’ guide for anyone who wants to experience the fun, excitement and romance of buying unique and beautiful gems or jewellery in countries around the world renowned for their natural gemstones.

Kim Rix is dedicated to visiting each country in the ‘Gemstone Detective’ series to provide readers with the best advice and easy-to-follow steps to help travellers avoid the pitfalls, disappointments and scams of a bad buying decision.