The Road Home – ~Damaris Lau ISBN 978-1-912256-61-7 UK £10.99 €17.99 USA $14.99

Damaris is not linked to a religion, but her innate wisdom rests, among other things, in Buddha’s spirit and her love emanates from her ever-faithful trust in Christ.

She therefore believes that there is no need to seek refuge or in any way be religious or a believer, to come and receive insights, teachings and blessings from her.

So, Damaris embraces anyone who seeks, and she believes that all living beings should have the opportunity to achieve and live in eternal bliss and freedom.

DAMARIS LAU lives on Bornholm in Denmark. Over many years she has helped thousands of people all over the world, using her clairvoyant and healing abilities. She has now dedicated her life helping people to find “The Road Home” by showing them among other things ways to liberation through mind training, meditation, the  special breathing techniques of Pranayama, her own special deep and releasing Shiva-Yoga, mantra and prayer.