Our Philosophy

For over 20 years, we have been seeking out talented authors who are passionate about their subject and want to share that passion with a wider audience.  We help them to get clarity on their unique offering and help them to build a knowledge marketing business around it by producing exceptional books, and digital knowledge products. We then help to bring these to market in a profitable way for mutual benefit.

In doing to our philosophy is to help our authors become knowledgeable on all the processes, tools and platforms that need in order to build and engage with their following and to position themselves as an expert in their field.

By working with us, both the author and ourselves play to our individual strengths and achieve something together that neither of us can achieve on our own.

Using our cloud-based project management systems, we make it possible for our authors, wherever they are in the world,  to be in charge of their project and to communicate directly with all of the specialists who are working to bring it to a successful conclusion.


BookFlow is our own unique global book distribution platform. It brings together all of our many print and distribution partners around the world into one portal to enables us to get your title found and distributed through the book trade in 220 countries.


Meet the Team

Filament Publishing are members of the Independent Publishers Guild and has been pushing out the boundaries of publishing for 19 years. It was founded by Chris Day in 1991, when he came from working in the head office of Encyclopaedia Britannica,  itself a great innovator in creating new products and new routes to market. Over time, we have built an incredible team of talented people with all the skills you need to successfully bring your book to market and build a profitable business around it.

Our speciality is partnership publishing, in which both the author and the publisher play to their strengths. By working together, we can achieve far more than either of us could alone. Our philosophy is to help our authors to build a sustainable business around their books and become effective Author-preneurs.

As members of the Independent Publisher Guild, we are well connected, and also have strong links to a Literary Agent. We help our authors to be represented at the main international book fairs and to achieve additional income by selling their overseas and translation rights. We also have connections across the book trade and into all the bookshops.

We also convert our titles into all electronic formats including Apple, Kobo, Nook, all Android devices, Kindle – and distribute them to the 70 other eBook retailers around the world – not just Amazon!

In addition, we have trained journalists on our team and extensive media databases to ensure your news reaches the right media.

Over the past 19 years, we have developed a great track record of helping our authors achieve their objectives.

Everything is underpinned by a stunning cloud-based author project management system which enables you to remain in control of your project wherever you are in the world.

It always amazes me how much you give to all your authors and even those not publishing with yourself. Filament and AuthorCraft provide a veritable feast of knowledge and support and certainly helped me to get my book finished and published. Thanks Chris and team.

Peter Allton