Karma & Diamonds – Moon Child (Book 1) by Smita Joshi


“Eat Pray Love” meets “Da Vinci Code”. Living Free From the Stories of Your Life.


The sages of India, for thousands of years, have talked about the existence of Atman, the inner Self. In the Karma & Diamonds trilogy, Smita is exceptional in showing, through her life’s battles, how the inner Self can guide and enrich your daily life. In Book 1, Moon Child, while facing possible death, a young Smita has a mystical experience and discovers her inner Self. Later it will help her through other traumatic situations and ultimately, blossom and thrive. Aged ten, she comes with her parents to the UK. Growing into a vibrant adolescent, she is confronted with the heart-wrenching challenge of balancing traditional Indian culture and modern-day London. Amidst rejection, heartbreak, loneliness and the struggle to start a career, determined to make life work, this young woman battles against all odds to find her place in the world, both physically and spiritually. However, will dramatic revelations in Book 2 about her lives long past finally free her to be happy or destroy her? Will a life-threatening condition in Book 3 bring her quest to a premature end?

As well as being a highly inspiring, entertaining and informative read, Karma and Diamonds offers hope to seekers the world over. In this engaging and enlightening story, the reader will relate to how they can, through connecting with the inner Self, free themselves from a life they may perceive as fixed and incapable of changing. This book is a most notable record of one woman’s journey to self-discovery, the treasure and power that lies within the Self.

A British Indian, Smita was born in Gujarat, India. She has worked as a business executive with large global companies. She is also a life coach, freelance TV presenter and a certified yoga instructor.

This book is also available to download as a Kindle, and as an eBook from Apple iBooks, Kobo, OverDrive, and Barnes & Noble.

Smita Joshi is also the author of Karma & Diamonds – Web of Karma (Book 2) and Karma & Diamonds – Diamond Revealed (Book 3).

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