Karma & Diamonds – Web of Karma (Book 2) by Smita Joshi


“Eat Pray Love” meets “Da Vinci Code”. Living Free From the Stories of Your Life.


“Eat Pray Love” meets “Da Vinci Code”. An awe-inspiring journey of Self-discovery across continents and lifetimes. The sages of India, for thousands of years, have talked about the existence of Atman, the inner Self. In the Karma & Diamonds trilogy, Smita is exceptional in showing, through her life’s battles, how the inner Self can guide and enrich your daily life.

In Book 1, as a little girl in India, Smita has her first mystical experience when she thinks she’s about to die. Later she moves to London with her parents. She’s torn between two different cultures and traditions.

In Web of Karma, Smita drops her well-paid job, following her inner voice to go and seek answers in India. She travels on a quest with gurus across the Himalayan foothills. She walks the fire and bathes in the Ganges. She’s astonished to find that her ‘Inner Diamond’ is connected to the core teachings of ancient India.

Back in London, her ‘Inner Diamond’ leads her down a mysterious path and then to New Mexico to conduct past life sessions.She discovers a horrible truth that has had her and her mother spellbound for centuries and she’s catapulted into a significant moment of history, where romance, science and mysticism meet.

Just when she thinks she’s finally free, she’s diagnosed with a fatal disease. Doctors refuse to operate. Will her struggle and quests have been for nothing? Can she find true love in Book 3?

A British Indian, Smita was born in Gujarat, India. She has worked as a business executive with large global companies. She is also a life coach, freelance TV presenter and a certified yoga instructor.

This book is also available to download as a Kindle, and as an eBook from Apple iBooks, Kobo, OverDrive, and Barnes & Noble.

Smita Joshi is also the author of  Karma & Diamonds – Moon Child (Book 1) and Karma & Diamonds – Diamond Revealed (Book 3).

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