How To Have An Outstanding Career by Susan Scott


How To Have An Outstanding Career: and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being


How To Have An Outstanding Career provides a clear and comprehensive blueprint for success, based on career resilience and is aimed directly at professionals between the ages of 21 to 32.”

If you want to be the best, but maintain your wellbeing as well, then this book is for you. How To Have An Outstanding Career will provide you with the knowledge and tools to:

  • Define who you are;
  • Use your strengths to the full;
  • Establish your pathway to success;
  • Ensure people recognise you for your talents and the great job you do;
  • Leave you energised and motivated by your career;
  • Remain happy and healthy and full of energy.

Using the concept of a ‘resilient career’, this book has the power to ignite you and give you the capacity to cope with the challenging times you are likely to experience.

Susan is a business psychologist, a nutritional therapist, a trainer, a consultant and a coach, as well as a public speaker and an author.

Susan brings a blended mind and body approach to her work. She believes passionately that everyone, but in particular The Young Professional deserves to work in ways that foster their resilience, performance and careers. And because of her extensive experience in working within organisations, she is very aware of the need for all staff to understand and be able to demonstrate the value they bring to helping their employer meet its strategic business goals. Susan lives in Surrey.

Susan is also the author of How to Prevent Burnout, the second book in The Young Professional’s Guides series.

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