Gracie Blessing Battles the Bullies by Janet K Davis


A sensational Christmas adventure brimming with mystery and suspense

Book Two in the Gracie Blessing Series


Gracie Blessing is an 11-year-old girl chosen by a Supreme Invisible Force to be a special messenger. Lulled into a false sense of security, she is taken by complete surprise when a campaign of bullying begins in the village where she lives. As it escalates, she becomes a target, and her well-being is rocked to the core when a foolish practical joke goes horribly wrong. In a sensational about-turn, Gracie with her dog Solomon and her 10-year-old best friend Joe are transported to another world, in time and space. Faced with a journey of difficult challenges, it is only at the end that an unexpected opportunity to deal with the bullies presents itself. Will the treasure in her heart be plentiful and powerful enough to stop the tormentors once and for all?

Janet K Davis was born in Hammersmith, London. She grew up disliking school and became a challenging pupil to manage. However, as she matured, this negative experience promoted a desire to teach and she achieved a Bachelor of Education degree at Bognor Regis College. Janet’s natural creative talent and intuitive understanding of behavioural difficulties made her a popular and successful teacher, particularly with children who found it hard to function in the primary education system. Today she lives on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, enjoys long country walks, playing tennis and supporting the local Romsey Dementia Action Group.  

Janet K Davis is also the author of Gracie Blessing’s Quest for Treasure (Book 1) and Gracie Blessing’s Greatest Challenge (Book 3).

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