Gracie Blessing’s Quest for Treasure by Janet K Davis


A magical adventure bursting with surprises

Book One in the Gracie Blessing Series


In Book One of the Gracie Blessing Series, Gracie Blessing’s Quest for Treasure portrays a young girl’s yearning for a better family life, parental love and simple happiness.  She thinks her deceased grandmother has left a secret, hidden fortune and believing this is the solution, she sets out to find it with her best friend, Joe. They embark on an adventure with their faithful dog, conquering adversity and hardship along the way and eventually discover the treasure. But it is not of this world and fantastically different to what they expected it to be.  After realising that what they have found has enormous power and will bring greater happiness than material wealth, Gracie is unexpectedly tasked with a special mission that seems almost impossible to accomplish.

Janet K Davis was born in Hammersmith, London. She grew up disliking school and became a challenging pupil to manage. However, as she matured, this negative experience promoted a desire to teach and she achieved a Bachelor of Education degree at Bognor Regis College. Janet’s natural creative talent and intuitive understanding of behavioural difficulties made her a popular and successful teacher, particularly with children who found it hard to function in the primary education system. Today she lives on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, enjoys long country walks, playing tennis and supporting the local Romsey Dementia Action Group.

Janet K Davis is also the author of Gracie Blessing Battles the Bullies (Book 2) and Gracie Blessing’s Greatest Challenge (Book 3).

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