Bible in Brief by Rev Andy Roland


An easy way to enjoy the greatest book ever written


“I don’t read the Bible, because it is too long and complicated.”

That’s true. It is very long and very complicated. Not surprising since it took over a thousand years to write by dozens of authors.

Bible in Brief offers a simple way to explore the Bible, reading a chapter a day and responding to daily questions, either in writing or online. There are notes explaining various words and expressions e.g. what “Christ” means, plus maps, archaeological drawings and several “Bonus Features”. Also, there are six selections of writing from the surrounding cultures, including the Babylonian myths and Jewish rabbis at the time of Jesus.

Bible in Brief is meant for everyone who would like to know what is in the Bible, whether they are religious or not, for individuals and small groups.

Rev Andy Roland studied History in Oxford, Personnel Management in Aston, Birmingham and Thelogy in Durham. For 21 years he was vicar of All Saints, Hackbridge & Beddington Corner, South London. Since 2015 he and his wife Linda have lived in Earls Court, London. He has written Discovering Psalms as Prayer and The Book of Job: Arranged for Public Performance.

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