Discovering Psalms as Prayer by Rev Andy Roland


How we can use the Psalms morning, noon and night


Are the psalms a closed book to you?

Discovering Psalms as Prayer explores some of the problems we have with prayer and with the psalms.

A visit to a Christian Ashram in India showed the author how to make emotional sense of the psalms, using a pattern of prayer which has lasted him over 30 years.

Here you will find a simple way of using various psalms at key points of the day: morning, lunchtime, evening and night.

There are many different types of psalms: lament, trust, praise, history and wisdom. ‘Discovering Psalms’ gives a framework which relates to them all.

The framework for daily prayer at various times of the day can be found on Andy’s Bible Blog on, downloaded for free and made up as two 4-page A5 leaflets.

Give it a try. It’s good!

Rev Andy Roland studied History at Oxford, Personnel Management at Aston, Birmingham, and Theology at Durham. For 21 years he was vicar of All Saints, Hackbridge & Beddington Corner, South London. Since 2015, he and his wife Linda have lived in Earls Court, London. He has written Bible in Brief and The Book of Job: Arranged for Public Performance.  

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