Brexit: A Drawn-Out Process by James Mellor


A cartoon journey through the ‘Drawn-Out’ process of Brexit…


Nobody said leaving would be easy… did they?  Brexit – A Drawn Out Process is a collection of James Mellor’s political cartoons from the referendum, the negotiations, the countdown to the Brexit-Day-that-wasn’t, and beyond.  This cartoon compilation tells the story of Brexit, with its deal and derailments, its splits and the spats, and features a familiar cast of hopeless politicians, bemused onlookers and anthropomorphic animals.

In a book which crosses red lines, fails six tests, and crashes headlong into a backstop, James Mellor’s cartoons chronicle the Brexit story (so far…).

James Mellor is a freelance cartoonist based in the UK. He is a member of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation and the Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain.

His cartoons have featured in numerous publications, including Private Eye, The Sunday Telegraph and Business Impact, and have been exhibited at House of Fraser (2018), Art 4 Africa (2018), Herne Bay Cartoon Festival (2018 & 19) and The London Cartoon Show (2019).

To put cartoons to use in the corporate world, James launched James Mellor Creative in 2012. JMC helps people and businesses turn their ideas into usable, engaging and memorable content and is built around his three areas of expertise: cartoon illustrations, research and writing. In this capacity, he has provided words and pictures in newsletters, conferences, websites, blogs, and social media posts for large multinationals, individuals just starting up, and many businesses in between.

A History graduate from the University of York, James is the author/illustrator of Drawn From History: A cartoon journey through Britain’s past, Drawn from 2017, Great Entrepreneurs From History and is the Honorary Historian to The Guild of Entrepreneurs in the City of London.

James lives in Rushden with his wife Rachel, daughter Talitha, son Elias, and a small, sociopathic cat.


“Required reading from a truly gifted cartoonist who we are privileged to have contributing our weekly cartoons on Octo Members Group.”

Lee Robertson BA FRSA Chartered FCSI, CEO of Octo Members Group

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