Drawn from 2017: The year in cartoons by James Mellor


The year in cartoons


Cartoonist James Mellor casts his eye over the events of the past year. From Brexit, Article 50 and a snap general election to events in space, international incidents and the ongoing saga of the 45th President of the USA, 2017 has been anything by dull. Drawn from 2017 features cartoons from the worlds of politics, business, history, film, TV and online culture which provide a sideways glance at some familiar stories.

James Mellor is a freelance writer and cartoonist. He launched his company James Mellor Creative in 2012 to help people turn their ideas into usable, engaging and memorable content. The business is built around his three areas of expertise – research, writing and cartoon illustration – deployed either independently or in combination. In these areas, he has worked with large institutions, SMEs, start-ups and individuals to get their unique messages across in print, online and via social media.

In his illustrative role, James creates cartoons for a wide range of corporate and private clients. Outside of JMC, he is the Associate Illustrator at Lea Graham Associates Ltd. His cartoon work also appears regularly in Professional & Organisational Development’s Thought for the Week and GAMBICA’s Business Impacts. A History graduate from the University of York, James’ main interest away from work is the past (which probably comes across in his cartoons). As a supporter of Harlequins and Arsenal, he is accustomed to long periods of disappointment punctuated by occasional moments of brilliance.

James lives in Rushden with his wife Rachel, daughter Talitha, and a small, sociopathic cat.

James is also the author of Drawn from History: A Cartoon Journey Through Britain’s Past and Brexit: A Drawn-Out Process.

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